Ben Gurion Canal Project

After Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi signed the agreement to transfer sovereignty over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, and after the Tiran Pass was transformed into an international corridor, “Israel” announced the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, alternative channel to Suez Canal, which actually was envisaged two years ago. It is likely that the initial establishment operations may start within 2 months from now. Two years ago, Hebrew reports said that the "Israeli" authorities were planning to establish a canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Israeli engineers explained that constructing a canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, provides a healthy competition to the Suez Canal, as the distance between Eilat and the Mediterranean is not far, and is completely similar to the distance taken by the Suez Canal to connect the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. According to sources, if Israel breaks the canal from Eilat on the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, the distance that ships travel from the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean will be reduced. Israel plans to establish a canal with improved traffic than Suez Canal. In the Suez Canal, a day-to-day method is used in which ships pass from one direction to another on one day, and on the second day, the ships bound for the opposite direction, only are allowed to pass.

The infrastructure of Ben Gurion Canal.

Israel is likely to dig two independent channels, one from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, and the second from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Thus, no ship will be unduly delayed whereas presently, ships spend two weeks to cross the Suez Canal. The terrain on which Israel plans to dig the canal is rocky and firm which gives durability and sustainability to the canal, unlike the Suez Canal, where the nature of the land is sandy and needs constant follow-up and repair. Israel intends to establish small cities, hotels, restaurants and night clubs along the banks of the canal, and the channel will be named "Ben Gurion".

Egypt vehemently objected to this ambitious Israeli project, threatening to cut off the relationship with "Israel". Israel does not bother, considering that cordial diplomatic relations with Egypt are almost cut off. Likewise, "Israel" do not get worried about the military threat. The canal will be 50 meters in depth and no less than 200 meters in width for both canals, which is much more than the Suez Canal's depth(24 meters). A ship with a length of 300 meters and a width of 110 meters, which is the largest size of ships in the world, will be able to pass through the canal that Israel will build. As for the construction period, it will be approximately 5 years, and 300,000 engineers and technicians will work on the project in all fields. They come from Korea, Asian countries and Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan to work in this channel, leaving more than 30,000 of them to operate the channel, and the channel will cost “Israel” about USD16 billion, and "Israel" believes that its income will be USD 6 billion a year or more. A wonderful business opportunity for Israel too. It’s a strategic achievement to Israel since it will have the largest artery that connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea. Israel plans to establish tourism along the canal that resemble the biblical cities and resorts connecting the canal, and it will be a mammoth infrastructure of the century because Eilat towards the Mediterranean is semi-desert. If Israel implements this project, Egypt's income will drop from USD10 billion to USD 4 billion dollars, as Israel will chip into their revenue. With these intentions, Israel decided to abandon Egypt years back, though Egypt was involved in Camp David. Moreover, "Israeli" military force is capable of striking the Egyptian army if it crosses the Suez Canal.

Israel Strategy to rope in other nations

Israel will also seek to persuade Jordan by offering to channelize water from this canal to the Dead Sea, in which the water is decreasing rapidly. If Jordan agrees, huge pipes will flow from the Ben Gurion Canal to the Dead Sea. A grand Israel- Jordan Tourism project also is in the pipeline. Israel will provide Jordan with facilities to establish Jordanian hotels and resorts on the Dead Sea, Jordan participates in joint Israeli - Jordanian tourism in the Dead Sea region, and Jordan assists in sending tourists to the Petra area. The Jordanian economy is affected by a negative decline, and it is in dire need of financial support, hence this Israeli offer will be welcomed by Jordan. As for the security of the canal, "Israel" will place spy devices in the depth of the canal, and will place monitoring devices in the heart of the canal. Sophisticated scanners that detect weapons and laser-ray images will also be erected for every ship that cuts the canal back or forth, with the concurrence of partner nations. Israel will collaborate with 3 American banks to lend it soft loans at 1% interest and will repay the loan over 30 years. Thus, "Israel" will have built the canal from American loans with little interest, while it benefits from USD 6 billion and more, per year.


The Jews are known for their business acumen, brilliance and courage. A unique race of people who survived the worst genocide perpetrated on them by Hitler’s Nazis. Millions of Jews were gassed and annihilated, but the Jews spirit survived. They found their biblical "promised land"- today’s ‘Israel’. A nation rose from the nothingness of the desert. Once constructed, this new Canal will change the demography and financial equations of the countries and Israel will enhance its significance among world nations.