Dominance of Mythical Aristocracy

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"Absolutely the most amazing book I have read in a while. I have never in my life had related to a book at this level. I could read it many times and still find it so intriguing and beautiful in its own way. The way this book is written is just perfect. "

— Hayden Rachel, World-Renowned Critic

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Writings of the Old Scripts

“You all are selfish. I can’t bear you here anymore. You don’t deserve to be in heaven,”
Zark said.
He pushed them out and shouted, “Don’t come back, ever again.”
What conspired to this?
Zark, the penultimate power, the lord of all that is evil and virtuous, Heaven and Hell. In one of his meetings, he proposed to make a new heaven, which demands the governance for the new creation. His ministers in the council
concurred with this proposal but each of them was having the desire of being the authority.
The ministers were the dominant personalities of all time, but were being voracious for the new position and completely neglected their duties towards heaven.


The five ministers :

  •  Flarco Mauno: The Great Administrator.

  •  Malikio Zuman: The Great Strategist.

  •  Saphilius: The Great Pantomath.

  •  Eraximo Istiphus: The Great Giver.

  • Marcus: The Great Thinker and Philosopher.


Whenever Zark tried to discuss this position, the sense of togetherness was missing from the ministers. They all were busy proving why they deserved the position more than others. Discerned by the behaviour, Zark got furious as he never expected this from them. He intended to get them together on this but the predicament
was getting worse day by day.
A few days later, Zark bellowed,
“Enough!” and ordered them to go away from heaven. Subsequently, after staying out for a few weeks, they came back and wished to meet Zark. However, Zark was angry at them, yet he knew that these five are the reason for the prosperity of heaven. He summoned them in and they apologized for their behaviour, “we have realized our mistake. We were greedy for the new position. We won’t repeat it, we swear.”


Zark said, “It’s all well that you realised your act of negligence but I can’t allow you back, my best creation so far, the human is going to be evolved in the barren lands shortly and now it’s your responsibility to make it happen.”
“We will obey your order, Zark. We will begin human civilization,” ministers agreed.
Zark said, “You five will govern at different locations. Each of you will have your land to start with. If you can maintain peace and harmony among humans for a thousand years, I will visit your Nations and make it the new
Ministers then departed for their task. Heaven was created with the powers of commanders and Zark. No spell was powerful enough to penetrate the walls of this place. When ministers left the place, they had to
relinquish their magical powers. Their task was to civilize society with their teachings and
scripts in their way.

Barren land is the landmass where human civilisation started. Even though the land is situated around heaven, humans can not see it as nobody could enter heaven without Zark’s permission, so it’s concealed from every naked


The land is unexplored, confined by the boundaries of their commanders, and governed by the teachings, this territory was the outset of a whole new story. The commanders divided the turf into five equal parts, which are called nations.

They decided each nation will have its specialization, for which they will require each other’s help to survive. Each of them will have proper administration and leaders of their clans to discuss the problems within the nation. If any
human did any horrible crime, they will be sent to Brinkseal for further hearing. They formed a Guard Palace at the centre of the ocean so that if nations ever reached a stage of a conflict among them, that matter will be resolved there. To maintain a standard way of operating and equivalency, they decided that the Guard Palace
will have one member from each nation and will function based on voting. They tried their best to
teach people to live in harmony and to maintain peace.

Years have passed since then. Everything said is only in the writings of their old scripts. It is the only way by which people understand their past. They agree with whatever is being said in those books but now after so many years, people raised suspicions.

It is the year 2221, a thousand and a few years after the deadline given by Zark, people have started raising voices on the validation of the old scripts in a few nations. While some people are still following them, a few are conflicted, so they are now split into groups. They incline to fight more, creating discrepancies in society. Maybe
their Zark is relaxing somewhere watching them, but they feel betrayed by their past.
Not only people but the doubts about the existence of their God have simulated a new competition among nations. Thus, some nations are working for the future to succeed and others are still finding the answers in the old scripts.


But, even if the Zark is going to appear on their land or not, the worst was yet to transpire.

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